Jasumathi Janakiraman

I am working as a software engineer in VLSI Technologies Inc., Tempe, Arizona.

I did my graduate studies at the University of Texas at Austin (majoring in Computer Engineering).

This is the college which moulded me for better or worse ;)) -- Regional Engineering College Trichy.

ME .. ME !!

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am from the country which places emphasis on an individual's spiritual development -- the one and only country INDIA. I spent my adolescent years in Carmel Convent and then in Ispat(E.M)School.


I love playing Badminton and Basketball. Was the captain of the Badminton team in College .

Books are my passion. I read whatever I can lay my hands on!

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As mentioned before I am a graduate student majoring in Computer Engineering at University of Texas at Austin. I am specialising in the area of VLSI Design and testing and have lot of programming experience in C and C++. You can take a look at my resume to get to know my qualifications better.