HI! Let me introduce you to the cats who own me...

(Click on any of the small photos to look at a larger version!)

Mama Kitty
Mama Kitty was dropped off in my yard. She was too frightened and feral to catch and bring into the house. I named her Mama Kitty because she had two litters outside before agreeing to come into the house and join the family. She is now fixed, as are all my cats. I believe in doing my part to help control the heartbreaking problem of animal over-population. The next four photos are of her kids.
This is Roger.
This is Domino.

Sylvester is the long-haired black & white cat in the background. T.C. is the chubby one in front of him. T.C. is not one of Mama Kitty's kittens, but a feral cat who recently joined the family.
T.C. and Sylvester
Secretary, a.k.a. "The Bitch," doesn't like any other animals and routinely picks fights with everyone.
This is Critter. He was found wandering on a busy road at Thanksgiving time 1997. After three months of veterinary care, he became a healthy member of the family. I know he looks like Scotter, but trust me... they're two different cats!
Teddy is a former Midwest Animal Blood Services donor kitty before joining our family in December of 1998. Teddy

Here are the cats that used to share my life.