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Linux pNFS Experiments

Experiments Summary

The following experiments demonstrate the ability of pNFS to match the superior performance of the exported high performance file system. Please feel free to use these graphs in your pNFS-related presentations or documents. Details of most experiments can be found in their associated paper.

Original pNFS/PVFS2 Experiments

  • Write Single File
  • Write Separate Files
  • Read Single File
  • Read Separate Files

pNFS/PVFS2 Experiments with Multiple Access Methods

  • Write Separate Files
  • Read Separate Files

Transfering data between PVFS2 and GPFS

  • GPFS uses file-based layout
  • PVFS2 uses pvfs2-based layout without pagecache
  • PVFS2-pc uses pvfs2-based layout with pagecache

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