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Projects : pkinit

News: CITI is hosting a pkinit interoperability testing event on May 30 and May 31, 2007. More details here.


CITI will provide a reference implementation of PKINIT and plans to integrate it with MIT Kerberos. We will provide both the client (pkinit) and server (kdc) sides, and will interoperate with the Windows 2003 Server KDC. We will use PKCS#11 for accessing certificates stored on a smartcard.

Smartcard Setup

The latest public version of the code can be found in the MIT Subversion tree

More specifically, the pkinit code is here


IETF Kerberos WG (krb-wg)
rfc4556 (pkinit)
OpenSC and OpenCT
RSA (pkcs11)
MUSCLE (pcsc)

Other implementations:

Heimdal pkinit
Apple's pkinit: svn://


William A. (Andy) Adamson, Prinicpal Investigator
Jim Rees
Kevin Coffman
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