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Projects : Secure Videoconferencing : I2 Demo

Internet2 Secure Videoconferencing Demo

    We demonstrated the Secure Videoconferencing Project work at the Internet2 Member Meeting held in Washington D.C.,October 7-9, 1997 at Highway_1. We were one of 15 demonstrations chosen to show the usefulness and need for Internet2 technologies.

    MCI, Cisco, FORE, and IBM all dedicated hardware and expertise to instantiate an Internet2 network based on the vBNS. A network consisting of a regional gigapop and three campuses we modeled at the demonstration site.

    For this demonstration, we choose the IBM 42T RS6000 platform with its integrated Ultimedia Services MJPEG hardware encoding and decoding capabilities as both the transmit and receive machines. We did not include the smartcard key exchange, choosing instead to hard coded a pair of keys. We did include a video "snooper". The snooper is a third-party that intercepts and displays video packets from an unencrypted VIC session. Once the encryption is enabled, the snooper is defeated. We also pulled the video data directly off the receiver machines MJPEG card into a monitor as is shown in this video data flow diagram.

    We used the Secure Videoconferencing Demo to deliver the video data portion of John Mansfields Teaching Scanning Electron Microscope demonstration.

    Pictures from Highway1

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