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Projects: VAFS

AFS for Very High Speed Networks

Principal Investigator:  Charles J. Antonelli
Center for Information Technology Integration
The University of Michigan

Project Period:  1 October 1998 - 1 February 2000

CITI, in partnership with the  Naval Research Laboratory,  is engaged in a research project to augment AFS for very high speed networks:

  • Selective-caching client, for efficient access to continuous media stored in AFS
  • Split-path AFS, to provide high speed data access over ATM

Selective-Caching Client

Statement of Work

This project will implement and demonstrate a modified AFS Cache Manager that selectively caches files to the AFS client local disk.  With caching disabled, AFS file data arriving from a file server are given immediately to the requesting application, and are never cached on the client's local disk.  This improves the performance of continuous media applications (such as streaming video players) when the network is faster than the local disk by eliminating disk latencies from the data processing pipe. As a secondary benefit, selective caching frees client processor and cache resources for use by applications for which local caching is an advantage.

We will demonstrate this work by playing video through a modified cache manager that supports cached and uncached AFS access. This will highlight the performance improvements that accrue to both the streaming video application and to other applications running on the client host.

Split-Path AFS

Statement of Work

We propose to augment the conventional UDP/IP connection between AFS client and server with a "fast path" over ATM  for bulk data transfers.  With split-path AFS enabled, file contents travel between file server and client over an ATM AAL5 connection for greatly improved bandwidth and latency, compared to conventional IP-based networks.

We will demonstrate this work by playing video with split-path processing turned off, and then with split-path on, highlighting the performance improvements that accrue both to the streaming video application as well as to other applications running on the client host, which benefit when the video data no longer competes on the commodity network with other data.

Final Report

TR 01-3 Charles J. Antonelli, Kevin Coffman, and Jim Rees, "Improving AFS Performance via Selective Caching and Native ATM AAL5," February 2001.

Bibliography of Selected CITI Publications

CITI began using AFS in 1988, under the aegis of an IBM-sponsored Institutional File System project (IFS), and immediately began a research program based on AFS technology. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • NFS/AFS translator
  • Appleshare/AFS translator
  • Comprehensive server logging facilities
  • RX performance enhancements
  • AFS security enhancements
  • AFS client performance enhancements
  • Disconnected and partially-connected operation for AFS clients

Some of CITI's AFS enhancements were imported into the AFS product.  Others are in active use at CITI and elsewhere, and continue to be supported by us.

These activities produced two Ph.D.s, Dr. Daniel Muntz and Dr. Larry Huston, influenced the doctoral research of Dr. David Bachmann, Dr. Aviel Rubin, and Dr. A. Masud Khandker, and yielded an extensive collection of CITI technical reports and external publications directly related to AFS:

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TR 95-11 P. Honeyman and L.B. Huston, "Communications and Consistency in Mobile File Systems," October 1995. [IEEE Personal Communications (December 1995).] projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
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