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eric williams: courses

schedule winter 2006

course prof
eecs 311 electronic circuits leo mcafee
eecs 496 major design / professionalism david chesney
eecs 562 nonlinear systems and control domitilla del vecchio
eecs 565 linear feedback control james freudenberg

schedule fall 2005

course prof
tc 496 adv tech comm for ee peter nagourney
eecs 452 digital signal processing design lab kurt metzger
eecs 560 linear systems theory n. harris mcclamroch

schedule winter 2005

course prof
phil 201 intro to logic joshua brown
eecs 353 intro communication systems achilleas anastasopoulos
eecs 461 embedded control systems jeffrey cook
math 419 linear space matrix theory peter smereka

schedule fall 2004

course prof
economics 320 survey - labor economics kerwin charles
eecs 401 probabilistic methods in engin mingyan liu
eecs 451 digital signal processing and analysis s. sandeep pradhan
eecs 460 control system analysis and design jessy grizzle

schedule winter 2004

course prof
eecs 230 electromagnetics I gabriel rebeiz
eecs 270 intro logic design pinaki mazumder
eecs 306 signals and systems II jessy grizzle
eecs 320 intro semiconductor devices gerard mourou

schedule fall 2003

course prof
eecs 215 intro circuits leo mcafee
tc 215 tech comm for ee jack fishstrom
me 250 intro design and manuf I donald geister / suman das
math 256 applied honors calc IV tatyana foth
economics 102 principles of economics II george johnson

schedule winter 2003

course prof
eecs 206 signals and systems I jeffrey fessler
physics 240 general physics II keith riles
math 255 applied honors calc III nikola petrov
engr 100 intro engineering jeremy semrau

schedule fall 2002

course prof
eecs 280 programming and data structures mary lou dorf
physics 140 general physics I august evrard
math 156 applied honors calc II divakar viswanath
economics 101 principles of economics I paula malone projects | techreports | press | lab | location | staff Email address
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