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Projects : Secure Videoconferencing

The need for secure data delivery over the Internet is gaining recognition as more and more private data is being accessed and placed on the net. The recent concern by congress on the privacy issues surrounding medical and insurance data is a case in point. Proving an end-user's identity, and providing end to end encryption of data are necessary components of secure data delivery. In addition to a security requirement, many new uses of the net requires movement of large data sets at high data rates. As the bandwidth requirements increase, encryption can become a performance problem.


CITI staff, in partnership with Bellcore and IBM, chose video delivery as an example of a data intensive application space to test encryption technologies. Our goal is to use off the shelf hardware, public videoconferencing software, and do as much work as possible in software in order to make our results available to the largest possible end-user population.

The Secure Videoconferencing project, in association with Bellcore, augmented VIC to become a testbed for investigating cryptographic protocols and smart card key exchange algorithms, and using IBM hardware, was demonstrated as an Internet2 application at the Internet2 meeting in Washington DC in October of 1997.

The Secure Distributed Virtual Conferencing project extends this work by adding multicast video delivery and a key exchange protocol for members of the multicast group.

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